Colour Psychology

Our homes have become multi-functional spaces, where we have to work, school our kids and relax all within the same space. There is no better time to take notice of the way a colour makes you, than now. We are all looking for a place to relax, to forget about all that is going on outside of our homes. Using colour in the different rooms in our homes can create feelings of calmness, stability, growth, only to name a few.

Blue and Green

Certain colours can provoke different moods and feelings in a person. A great colour to use in a room is the colour blue or green. This colour often provoke the feelings of a calm, peace, as it reminds a person of nature. Green is similar to blue in the sense that it takes a person back to nature. The colour green inspires growth and tranquility in a person. Therefore, these colours are perfect for a bedroom as it will allow for a peaceful night’s sleep.

Blue Green


Red increase a rooms energy level, in other words, the liveliness of a space. This can be a very handy tool in rooms such as a living room, kitchen or playroom. This intense colour brings a sense of warmth to a room. Red draws people together and stimulates conversation, therefore it is the perfect colour to paint your living room for cold, winter family nights in the living room. Combining red into your kitchen is a great idea as it stimulates appetite.



Yellow is known as a happy, energetic colour. It reminds a person of sunlight and positivity. Kitchens and dining rooms is a great space to bring some yellow into as it welcoming and energizing. This colour can also be used to brighten up dark corners and spaces in your home.


By JF Paints Colour Specialist