A New Take on Accents

Too scared to paint an accent wall? Don’t be. Accent walls are one of the paint trends that will stand the test of time. They are the perfect way you can give your room a new look and feel, without spending a lot of money and in return you do not have to make a 10 year commitment.

What is an accent wall? 

Accent walls is best described by the wall that stands out the most in a room, the wall that brings character to your home. It is a very personal thing and is one of the ways you can add personality to your home. We love accent walls because they are a very cost effective way to make bold decorative choices in your home.

Where to use an accent wall? 

Bedroom, lounge, kitchen or bathroom? You name it. Accent walls can literally work in any room, it is a good way to bring a room full of different furniture and decorations together. However, they usually work best on a wall with minimal furniture in front as you want the wall to stand out. One of the best aspects of an accent wall is that it can break the monotonous feeling in any room. They work best in rooms where the accent wall has adjacent white or neutral walls as this make the feature stand out.

How to choose an accent wall? 

If you’re feeling daring, go bold. This will add colour, personality and character to your room. If you’re not feeling so brave today and is looking for something a little more subtle, that’s absolutely fine. Just use a slightly richer shade on your accent wall than on the rest of the walls in the room.

By JF Paints Colour Specialist